Solamente Tres Polabras - Jamendo Fan Review is a great site filled with like-minded Creative Commons artists like us. It's a fan based community, a lot like but for the artist. You control your musical rights and distribution. But more importantly, it's fan based.
We've been on Jamendo for over a year and are still getting great comments on our albums. Like this one for our 3rd release Solamente Tres Polabras.
"They inspire me...great work. I would like to see them live." - hinkletuttle

Another person saw this review and had to hear what he was talking about and wrote a response of his own.
"Wow-I just had to hear what hinkletuttle was raving about and I have to agree that this group is o-u-t-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g!" - orangeupurple

Thanks for the reviews, and thanks to all the reviews we've received since we've been on Jamendo.
If you're a band and looking for a place to host your music I highly recomend this site.

Want to check out this album for yourself? You can download it for free or name your own price if you feel generous :)

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