New Album Update

Well if you've been watching our netcasts you may have realized that we did not meet our Valentine's Day deadline for finishing the new album. Mark and I one night had a new song and decided we wanted to add it to the new album as well. It's been tracked and mixed and we're pretty happy with it. Although it did take a chunk of our time to do so. We are however done recording and mixing now, all that's left is mastering the tracks. So it's almost here.

In addition the artwork and design of the album and new website is underway too. We hope to be up and running very shortly. We will release the new songs on the website as soon as all this is finished and you will be able to purchase new CD's soon after that. We'll keep you posted.

Our latest album

Lorenzo's Music "Lorenzo's Remixes, Volume 1" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music. Click here to listen


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