Some local reviews

We got a couple of local blog reviews for our recent show at the King Club in Madison:
Lorenzo's Music opened the show. I arrived after Lorenzo's had already started. I've heard their latest album, Solamente Tres Palabras and it's great, but I think they really shine live. Mark Whitcomb's easy-going stage manner and off-the-cuff brilliance as a guitar player is extremely engaging. Plus he's playing a vintage Sunn Stadium amp these days. Leslie West for days!

Guerillabeatz: See The River Rise

That show also claimed Lorenzo’s Music saxophonist Bryan, an original member of the Crunchies (or at least going back to the first time I ever saw them). Surprisingly, with how intrinsic his saxophone is to their sound they still sounded good. It’s hard not to like Lorenzo’s Music, handsome lead singer Tom Ray has a strong stage presence and an addictive voice (something close to Firewater’s Tod A). And of course I’m always a sucker for any band that has Scott Beardsley on drums (which is about half of the (good) ones in Madison).

Kiki's Magical Music Reviews: Sunshine for the Blind CD release w/Electric Automatic & Lorenzo's Music; January 19, 2007; King Club

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Friction called quest" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music. Click here to listen


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