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Last.Fm is a great site to find music. You download the free personal radio player, type in the name or names of bands you like and not only will it play them but it will play music that it thinks you might like based on those choices. But the best part is if you don't like a song you can skip to the next one. It also Gives you a journal page to write about bands, music etc.

All of our albums are available on and just recently we received a review from a listener.
The phrase that comes to mind when listening to this band is "Intelligent Design." An increasingly bluesy flavor began to color the songwriting and arrangements, especially on the party'n'booze anthem "Drinkin' By Myself." Airy mysticism was present on "Make it Clean" and "One More One.""I've Got The Next Round" and "Hot Water Avalanche" struck effective balances between the rock arrangements and the narrative reach of the lyrics. I would highly recommend all three albums because I find it difficult to narrow one down as a favorite.

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