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WJJO FM Interview

We were the "featured artist of the week" on WJJO FM in Madison.

On it Mark did a phone interview with host Kurt Baron talking about some songs from our album "Solamente Tres Palabras" including:
"I'm Doing Fine",
"Drinkin' By Myself"
and "Over and Over".

Listen to the interview


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    WJJO sucks big time. Lou Brutis is so out of touch with today's heavy metal music and plays 1970's Ozzy Osbourne music too much.

    The early morning talk show with the two men and woman on WJJO, i hate as well, and call it "potty mouth talk" time...not intelligent conversation at all.

    1. It's been quite a while since I've listened. This interview was from back in 2005. I'm not sure if they even have a local music show anymore?


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