I Love's Me The Podcasting!

We are featured in this weeks episode of the "Bandtrax Podcast" at bandtrax.net. You can download the mp3 here or subscribe to the shows feed by right clicking and copying the link here and pasting it in your iPodder or iPodderX.

In the past we were also featured in the "Insomnia Radio Podcast" at hardcoreinsomniaradio.blogspot.com. You can download that show mp3 here or subscribe here.

We love podcasting! You get to hear a bunch of great bands and if you have one I suggest you contact them with your music too, and tell 'em "Lorenzo's Music sent ya!"

Now I know some of you are probably saying, "what the hell is Podcasting?" Well you can read a description here. Then go to Podcastalley.com and subscribe to some shows.

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