Lorenzo's Music Podcast #21

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We are working on songs for a new album, including the one we're going to play for you today, a rough idea for a song called "it could be you". Some of the other song ideas for the new album you've heard right here at our website.

But, for this new album we'd like to update our bio, and we'd like your help. At last.fm we have a wiki page where you can collaborate and add to or change the description of the band and our music. Now to do this you will have to become a member of last.fm. It's free and I think you should all be a member to this site anyway. It's free internet music that adapts to your musical taste. After you're a member you can go to the Lorenzo's Music page (just search for Lorenzo's Music in the last.fm search bar) and click the "Edit this artist description" link under the bio and add to or fix what you think is the best way to describe us and our music (be kind ;)

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